Our Mission

thinker-2        Notes and Quotes™ is a website for people interested in classical literature and history, as well as a resource for singing the Propers of the Mass. We will discuss the whys and hows of teaching the classics to your children or students and offer you some valuable instruction materials in the process.

There are three parent/teacher guides as well as three student guides for the literature of Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome and Old World Europe.  These Questions for the Thinker™ guides have been used by many students and parents/teachers and have proven to be very helpful for those using classical curricula.  We have read all the books and written the guides so you don’t have to spend hundreds of hours doing it yourself.  The student books provide background about the reading selections and questions based on the readings.  In addition, they have Questions for Further Thoughtwhich are designed to provoke creative thinking in the student beyond the text, and Vocabulary Words to Know.  An additional feature is suggestions for papers the parent/teacher might want the student to write.



We also offer English Psalm-Tone Propers and will be discussing singing the Propers of the Mass through this forum.  The Psalm-Tone Propers are easy enough for any group to sing if they have a basic knowledge of music.  A good place to begin would be during the home school Mass which your local group might be privileged to have.

Until recently, there were few options for singing all the propers in English during the Ordinary Form of the Roman Rite. This book of propers using psalm tones has been offered to make traditional plainchant available to the simplest choir or humblest cantor. Not only are the chants uncomplicated to begin with, but the tone is repeated from Sunday to Sunday so as to make preparation for Mass require less rehearsal time. If a choir wishes to sing more challenging music, they can sing the chant in four part harmony.




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