Awhile back I read Matthew Lickona’s Swimming With Scapulars as part of a summer reading program at Aquinas and More. I was struck by something he wrote about a high school experience.

Matthew related the time he was the lone voice for life in a high school class titled “You and the Law.” He had awkwardly defended the right-to-life and the next day was called out of class because the mother of a girl in the class claimed that her daughter was intimidated by his argumentation, which was not even aimed at her. He was the bad guy and his teacher reprimanded him for speaking out and “reducing this girl to tears.” One of the goals of a classical education is providing the tools for thinking, reasoning and discoursing. A classical education provides the material for thinking about the meaning of life and creation, and our part in it. I don’t know what kind of high school education Matthew had, but he did what we hope our children will be able to do in whatever circumstances they find themselves by speaking up. His intention was to speak for truth and even hearing the truth was offensive to others. What a crazy world we live in. Way to go Matthew!




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